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modulCAD is a set of applications for AutoCAD® and BricsCAD®.

modulCAD is the professional solution for facility management, area evaluation, schedules of components, block management and dimensioning. The main modules of modulCAD are following applications:

We also offer a custom application development services for AutoCAD® and BricsCAD®.


The areamanager and the datamanager modules connected to the database (Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access... etc.) offer a professional solution for the area management.


The datamanager is a general tool for data management in drawings, without use of specialized expensive software. The module will assure a trouble-free communication among all your drawings and various databases (Internal database, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access... etc). You can edit data in a database or in your AutoCAD drawing according to your needs...

Straightaway you create professional Facility Management meeting all your particular requirements.


The dimenso is a tool for comfortable dimensioning also for sections and elevations.

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